DNA Script

Chief Commercial Officer

May 27, 2022

First Chief Commercial Officer placed for high growth genomics and research start up

DNA Script is taking the lead in genomics and personalized medicine. They were created to revolutionize DNA writing with enzymes. Their R&D efforts have produced innovations in enzyme engineering, surface and nucleotide chemistries, and instrumentation. The integration of these innovations has resulted in SYNTAX, the world’s first benchtop DNA printer powered by enzymatic technology. DNA Script believes their enzymatic DNA synthesis technology will become a major engine of genomics research and personalized medicine. They partnered with LifeSci Search to bring aboard their first CCO for the recently commercial stage high growth start up. The ideal candidate would have a mix of technical and commercial upbringing. The ideal profile would have proven experience scaling a business in the life sciences tools/ novel technologies/ genomic proteomic space to contrast the highly technical founders.

The Approach

LifeSci Search aimed to source candidates from Life Science tools/genomic/proteomics space companies, with novel life science instruments. In order to ensure success, LifeSci stayed consistent with candidate follow up and continuously worked on the search like they had zero candidates in the pipeline to ensure they were consistently active in the market to present new potentials. Search identified and presented 10 potential candidates with experience as executives in commercial, sales, marketing, and product marketing. LifeSci identified Chris Barbazette, CCO at Resolve Biosciences and introduced him to DNA Script.

The Outcome

We successfully identified and placed Chris Barbazette as CCO. He was the ideal profile being well referenced, respected in the industry, and DNA Script’s leadership team bonded immediately and was quickly offered the role. LifeSci Search completed the search in 5 months.

Search Data

Mapped Candidates  152
Candidates Formally Presented: 10
Time to Hire 5 months


Chris Barbazette | CCO


  • CCO, Resolve BioSciences
  • Principal Consultant, EAB Consulting, LLC
  • Senior Vice Presient Global Sales & Support, GenapSys
  • CCO, Agendia, Inc.

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