LifeSci Search Welcomes Scott Springall, Senior Principal & Digital Health Search Specialist

LifeSci Search welcomes Scott Springall, Senior Principal & Digital Health Search Specialist.

| June 29, 2022

Our growing executive search team in the EU has scored a coup: we’ve been joined by Scott Springall, an industry veteran with an impeccable record, to handle the fast-growing demand for exceptional leaders in the digital health space. 

Scott arrives with 15 years of experience in executive search under his belt. After eight years of recruiting for investment banks and asset management firms, he’s focused exclusively on the life sciences since 2013. He has developed deep expertise in Board and Senior Executive talent for digital therapeutics, AI and machine learning, next-generation diagnostics, medtech, and telehealth. In addition, he has extensive familiarity with search environments across the EMEA region and North America and has worked with clients throughout Asia-Pacific and Latin America. 

At the most fundamental level, Scott is a flexible, brilliant search lead and an expert in the kind of time-sensitive, confidential appointments that have come to dominate across biotech and pharmaceuticals. We’re thrilled to have him on the team. 

The Momentum of Digital Health

As our clients know, the last five years have seen an explosion in the digital health space. New technologies and applications in AI and machine learning, digital therapeutics, medical devices, and telehealth applications have transformed everything from cutting-edge diagnostics to everyday primary care. LifeSci Search has moved aggressively to stay ahead of these changes, ensuring that our team has the expertise, background, and connections to help clients recruit the most motivated and engaged leaders in the digital health space. 

Scott joins us as a new digital health specialist for the EU team. As Senior Principal for the US, UK, and Europe, he’ll leverage past relationships and partnerships in quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, and medical technology to help clients fill crucial C-suite positions. His career work in executive search has taken place at leading global firms. At Haybury, for instance, he built an industry-leading network of contacts across the biotech space, playing an instrumental role in evolving the company from a contingent recruitment firm to a true retained search business.  

A decade and a half of experience in the field means he brings substantial experience in a wide range of areas. He was initially focused on global and functional heads of Quality Assurance for medium-to-large pharma companies, including Boehringer, CSL Behring, Takeda, GSK, Roche, and Aspen, as well as biotechs like Illumina, Achilles Tx, Gyroscope Tx. Two years later, he expanded his work into drug safety and pharmacovigilance, and as a principal in both markets, he was responsible for the company’s highest annual revenues to date. Scott’s turn to digital health accelerated in 2015 when he placed the Global Head of a major electronic patient reporting tool at GSK and began focusing more on digital innovation. Since then, he has helped place leaders in positions such as Global Head of Quality Management Systems and Global Head of Patient Safety Systems. At LifeSci Search, he will build on those successes and help our clients create the extraordinary leadership teams required for success in fast-changing markets. 

We look forward to Scott’s contributions as he works alongside our US-based digital health specialists to build our team, grow our impact, and make positive change for every LifeSci Search partner. 

As always, we encourage readers to reach out to Scott with questions or thoughts.

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