Announcing LifeSci Search Accelerate: The Only Executive Search Offering Priced for Early-Round Startups

For early-round startups, attracting and hiring exceptional executive talent is required. Yet, partnering with an external agency may not be financially viable. Enter LifeSci Search Accelerate!

, | June 29, 2022

What is LifeSci Search Accelerate? 

The LifeSci Search team has created a pathway for young companies with limited resources to access top-level talent for their leadership teams. We call it LifeSci Search Accelerate, and I’m eager to announce its launch formally. 

First, I want to explain why we built Accelerate. Every industry veteran knows that the most critical decisions for early-stage startups are about leadership. Hiring the right C-suite executives and Board of Directors is the best way to demonstrate long-term viability to VC firms and other investors. At the same time, a poorly judged hiring choice can cut off avenues of progress, slow growth, and waste scarce resources. 

This puts many companies in a bind. Young companies running on seed money or a Series A funding round face difficulty making valuable high-level connections. Founders usually lack expansive networks. Contingency search is sometimes affordable but less likely to get the desired results. And more often than not, traditional retained executive search firms are too expensive. 

Accelerate changes all that. As a fixed-price, high-value retained executive search offering, LifeSci Search Accelerate is the only search service on the market designed to meet early-stage companies’ unique needs. 

The Advantages of Experience

Critically, the Accelerate service offering does not compromise on quality. These searches will be conducted by the same brilliant teams that handle all of our other clients. Beyond the obvious benefit of access to the deep networks our executive recruitment teams have developed, working with a professional executive search team brings four tremendous advantages for early-stage companies.  

Market Research. Before conducting the first interview, our team assembles an exhaustive map of the talent space for the relevant position. We do deep background research on dozens of candidates—sometimes hundreds. And all that information is available to clients.  

Learning Opportunities. Company leaders work closely alongside LifeSci Search team members, giving less-experienced founders a chance to learn the ins and outs of hiring from some of the best in the business. This includes interview structure and skills, hiring processes, and recruitment decision-making. 

Process Management. LifeSci operates as an extension of our clients’ companies during the search process. We put a professional face on every aspect of outreach and hiring, making it much easier to attract and hire top talent.

Strategic Guidance. Finally, working with LifeSci Search means working with LifeSci Partners, a leading life science advisory known for its exceptional Investor Relations, Communications, Consulting, Venture Investing, and Capital Market services. Team members have decades of experience in the space. They know exactly what investors are looking for and speak to VCs and industry leaders daily. They offer younger companies a bird’s eye view of the competition, helping them chart a path to viability, refine their image and presentation, and solidify long-term plans. 

What Comes Next?

Over the coming months, we’ll dive into recruitment for the first Accelerate clients. We’re looking forward to supporting companies with exceptional promise as they navigate one of the most challenging talent markets we’ve ever seen and working alongside our partners to help them find their way to success. 

To discuss LifeSci Search Accelerate, we invite you to contact Matt Toner.

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