Chief Executive Officer

Client Team Lead: Matt Toner
CEO | 20220614

Client: Gilboa Therapeutics Inc.

Gilboa Therapeutics Inc., a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel cell therapy platform to target solid tumors, today announced the appointment of Barry Labinger as Chief Executive Officer and as a member of its Board of Directors. Labinger has spent more than 10 years leading development of immuno-oncology technologies and will help Gilboa bring its platform from the lab to patients.

Gilboa is developing its proprietary SolidT technology, which originated in Dr. Yaron Carmi’s lab at Tel Aviv University.  SolidT cell therapy is based upon T cells that are genetically engineered to express a modified, high-affinity antibody receptor.  This antibody receptor allows the engineered T cells to target antibody-coated tumor cells.  SolidT cells are designed to deliver a highly specific and potent attack that has demonstrated complete eradication of tumors in challenging animal models, while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.  SolidT is an innovative platform technology that has the potential to benefit patients with a range of both solid and hematological tumors, with an improved safety profile compared to other cell therapy approaches.

“I am honored and excited to join the Gilboa team, and I look forward to building upon its strong scientific foundation to advance the SolidT platform towards patients,” said Mr. Labinger.  “Immune cell therapies have led to remarkable results for patients with certain types of cancer.  To date, the efficacy has generally been limited to hematologic cancers, and the side effects have been challenging.  The SolidT platform promises to address both of these limitations–extending the benefits to patients with solid tumors while reducing the side effect burden.”

Barry Labinger brings more than 30 years of experience in leadership roles in the biopharmaceutical industry, including both public and private companies.  Most recently, Barry served as CEO of Checkmate Pharmaceuticals, in Cambridge, MA, where he led the company’s transition into registration studies for an immuno-oncology clinical asset, along with completion of Series C financing and an Initial Public Offering.  Barry began his career in commercial roles at Abbott Laboratories and Bristol-Myers Squibb, followed by executive leadership of corporate strategy and development, clinical development, medical affairs, and sales and marketing at Immunex, 3M Pharmaceuticals, Human Genome Sciences, and Emergent BioSolutions before becoming CEO of Biothera Pharmaceuticals followed by Checkmate.

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