From Search to Specialization: Lydia Swanson Steps up to Lead Client Strategy & Relationship-Building 

We are eager to announce the appointment of Lydia Swanson to LifeSci Search's newly created role: Director of Strategic Content! Learn more about Lydia, her experience, and how this new role benefits our clients:

, | July 27, 2022

Over the last two years, Lydia Swanson has pioneered new, highly targeted strategies in market research. She built an industry-leading team that gives our clients unmatched insight into their options and outcomes.  

We are pleased to announce that she is bringing that same customized, client-specific approach to the broader scope of all client relations at LifeSci Search. Lydia will take on the newly created role of Director of Strategic Content, where she will be able to coordinate across our sales, research, and content teams.   

“We hope that in this new role, Lydia will be able to lend an increased level of strategy and improved execution to all our client engagements. We see substantial opportunities for trickle-down impact by investing in this position now, and thereby providing for better client service moving forward.” Matt Toner, CEO and Co-Founder, LifeSci Search  

This is a significant development for LifeSci Search and the broader life sciences industry. It represents an evolution of the existing client service model and allows us to provide clients with opportunities, information, and predictions uniquely relevant to their goals and timelines. 

New Capabilities and Directions 

This new director-level position is a natural extension of the work Lydia has done as Head of Research. She has been phenomenally successful at supporting our candidate search process and has expanded what the firm is capable of by developing client-specific research strategies based on fine-grained matches between clients and similar companies. With those processes firmly in place and a brilliant team executing them consistently, we are now ready to expand that same set of methods and perspectives to the full spectrum of our relationship-building with current, past, and prospective clients.   

The change is part of our broader vision for using content and the role we hope to play in our clients’ efforts to grow, establish themselves, and bring products to market.  

“This role was created to leverage the huge success we have had in creating a unique research division entirely focused on client service. Springboarding from that experience, Lydia will continue to leverage her resources in research to serve our clientele more deeply. At the same time, she will empower the sales team with more knowledge about the active market, letting them connect with the companies best positioned to benefit from the LifeSci platform.” Erin Crider, Chief of Staff, LifeSci Search  

The LifeSci Search team looks forward to immediate upgrades to their ability to help clients. Lydia’s expertise in research, combined with this broader perspective and expanded remit, will allow her to ensure that each team has access to time-sensitive and actionable information coming from other areas of practice. New contacts from events and outreach will be able to receive targeted support right away; long-standing clients will find us better able to anticipate their needs and assess alternative solutions for today’s unique market challenges.   

The readers of our newsletter and other public-facing media will also notice the influence of our new Director for Strategic Content. They can expect our publications to address the most critical issues in the industry on a week-by-week basis and should look forward to a new animated and informative presence on social media.   

We invite you to reach out to Lydia with congratulations and with questions about strategic partnerships, client relationships, or other aspects of our work.  

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