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November 22, 2021

Myriad Asset Management | Breaking into Healthcare Investing

Myriad Asset Management, a global $3bn hedge fund, was looking to build a U.S. presence after 12 successful years in Hong Kong. In watching the healthcare market skyrocket over the last 3 years they saw an enormous opportunity and wanted to get in on the action. However, with no prior experience in the Healthcare or Life Science sectors, Myriad knew they would need support from a well-connected firm to hire successfully. Myriad wished to start by hiring a life science specialist with a successful performance track record, scientific and finance expertise, and a proven history of building and developing high-performing teams.

The Approach

The team at LifeSci Search worked closely with Myriad to come up with an intentional and targeted interview strategy to funnel candidates smoothly through the process and allow for a positive candidate experience with Myriad. LifeSci Search utilized their connections with LifeSci Capital to identify top healthcare-focused hedge funds to target for Myriad, those that might fly under the radar and not be considered a “typical” hunting ground for this type of hire. This also allowed LifeSci Search to spot-check each candidate’s market reputation before presentation to Myriad. The LifeSci Search team also spent time with Myriad to educate and set expectations for what strong hires will look like coming from life science backgrounds in contrast to traditional investment upbringings as education and time in industry levels tend to be drastically different.

The Outcome

LifeSci Search counseled Myriad to focus on building out a team. The initial hire to be a senior-level candidate with a strong track record and reputation, but to also look to hire junior-level support concurrently.  William Sawyer was selected to join as Managing Partner to build on his experience from OribMed where he served as a Partner and Sr. Analyst within Specialty Pharmaceuticals. Along with Will, Myriad also authorized a second search for a Senior Analyst to begin to build a team around Will.

Led By

Rahil Haneef | Principal, Buy-Side Investments

Search Data

Candidates Formally Presented 12
Candidates Interviewed 6
Time to Hire  4.5 months


William Sawyer, PharmD | Portfolio Manager, Partner

  • Partner and Sr. Analyst, Orbimed - 14 years
  • Director, Leerlink Partners

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