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LifeSci Search transforms leadership teams within the pharmaceutical, biotech and med-tech sectors.

What makes us different?

An unparalleled set of competitive strengths.

Client Service Model

LifeSci Search is the only executive search firm embedded within a unique and widely respected life sciences consultancy, the LifeSci Partners Platform. This relationship allows us to leverage the resources of the platform to allow us to work smarter, faster and to approach executive search differently.

Market Intelligence

With a variety of relationships across Wall Street and healthcare focused banking, the LifeSci Partners Platform collects insights that power our understanding of the market, investors, and the track record of the top executives behind today's most successful companies.

Scientific Understanding

Our search team has direct access to medical and scientific experts including over 40 PhD and MD colleagues within the LifeSci Partners Platform, and further access to hundreds of KOL experts through our associated relationships. This allows us to stay abreast of the latest and greatest scientific innovations in the ever-evolving life sciences landscape while staying connected with the top minds in our industry.

Deep Wall Street Experience & IPO Advisory Knowledge

We know what it takes for a successful IPO or capital raise and can connect you to the right executives to help you do so. The team at LifeSci Partners is flush with Wall Street veterans who bring institutional knowledge and understanding of the investment lifecycle to the firm. Search is able to capitalize on the latest trends and market changes when connecting with top executives to have more meaningful conversations about what matters most to your business.

Data Driven Search Execution Strategy

With access to millions of data points across the life sciences, the LifeSci Search Research and Market Intelligence teams leverage data and trends from clinical research, trials, readouts, financing, fundraising, deals and partnerships to provide relevant real time information to drive the execution strategy of each search.



Direct Relationships with Investors

LifeSci Search serves not only life science companies, but also the Buy Side that invests in them. By placing Partners, Principals and senior team members into VCs, PEs, and Hedge Funds we have intimately learned the rigors of the investment life cycle and the complexity of the lens through which management teams and boards are analyzed.

Executive Placement

We leverage our cross functional expertise across the LifeSci Partners Platform to target and identify your next generation of leaders. From the C-Suite to Vice Presidents to Division Heads, the LifeSci Search rolodex is unmatched. Our global connections are maximized by our proximity to top talent through LifeSci Partner's other lines of business: LifeSci Advisors, LifeSci Capital, LifeSci Venture, LifeSci Consulting, LifeSci Communications, LifeSci Associates and our affiliation with FirstThought. We know what it takes to successfully run an organization like yours and the talent you need in leadership. LifeSci Search’s unique relationships also allow us to successfully partner with VCs, Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms to build out leadership functions at the Partner and Principal level while simultaneously supporting their portfolio companies’ growth needs.

C-Suite | Vice President | Division Head | Partner | Principal

Board and Advisory Appointment
Executive Placement

Board & Advisory Appointment

It has never been more important to build a Board capable of overcoming the complex challenges of today’s market. From navigating social change and regulatory uncertainty to market risks and economic volatility, governing boards must be committed to developing a diverse and strong leadership team. LifeSci is committed to enhancing diversity and equity objectives and has been as a primary sponsor to Women in Bio’s, Board Room Ready program since 2016. Another critical component to organizational success are the functions of Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards. In addition to our own expansive database, LifeSci Search has unmatched access to high profile talent through LifeSci Advisors Key Opinion Leaders and to Scientific and Medical experts via the FirstThought network.

Chair | Board of Directors | Audit Chair | Scientific Advisory | Medical Advisory

Market Analysis

The LifeSci Search Research and Market Intelligence teams play a critical role in providing our clients the most up to date and relevant information on the market. Data drives smart decisions and it’s the responsibility of our Research and Market Intelligence teams to empower our clients with market relevant data, so they can execute effective talent acquisition strategies. Our teams leverage the best technology and resources available combined with the LifeSci Partners Platform proprietary information library to provide comprehensive market analysis for every search.

Talent Mapping | Competitive Analysis | Market Mapping | Benchmarking

Complementary Offerings
Research and Market Intelligence

Complementary Offerings

We believe the best relationships take time to build and we are happy to share our expertise in a complimentary consultation. LifeSci Search can meet with your leadership to perform a Board Audit and share recommendations for how to enhance your Board composition for optimal company performance. A Management Review will help assess the strength and attractiveness of your existing leadership team when prepping for IPO and our Succession Planning offering can provide change management support when it comes time to execute executive leadership change. LifeSci Search is here to provide the expertise, network, and strategy you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Board Audit | Management Reviews for IPO Readiness | Succession Planning

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