Senior Vice President of Engineering

Client Team Lead: John Spencer
VP | 20220217

Client: GraphWear Technology, Inc.

GraphWear, the company pioneering needle-free disease monitoring, today announced an executive hire and a new board member. Dana Cambra and Woody Scal will serve as key players in driving the company’s mission forward as GraphWear develops its non-invasive disease management platform.

Dana Cambra, Senior Vice President of Engineering, brings over 30 years of experience researching, developing and revolutionizing world-class health technology. At GraphWear, Cambra will lead the company toward the commercialization of its novel product.

As a Dexcom Inc. (NYSE: DXCM) veteran, Cambra brings expertise in diabetes health management. He led the development of the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the first non-adjunctive non-calibration glucose monitoring platform that brought the industry of health management forward exponentially. With decades devoted to transforming medicine to enhance patient care, Cambra will apply his years of industry knowledge to GraphWear’s non-invasive approach, working on expanding and further modernizing healthcare solutions for millions.

“GraphWear has a holy grail opportunity to transform areas of healthcare the industry hasn’t explored for decades,” said Dana Cambra, Senior Vice President of Engineering at GraphWear. “With experience in CGM technology, I immediately recognized and was drawn to GraphWear’s disruptive influence on not only diabetes but overall health management.”

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