AI and ML in Drug R&D: An In-Depth Conversation on Impact, Leadership Strategy and Talent

Tune into Episode #2 of the LifeSci Search podcast with Andy Cronin (President & Co-Founder) and Ayesha Price (Sr. Director, Executive Search) as they host Iris Grossman (Chief Therapeutics Officer, Eleven Therapeutics) and Shahram Ebadollahi (Operating Partner, ARCHIMED & Former Chief Data Officer, Novartis) on the topic of AI and ML tools in Drug R&D. We get insights on how the tech is being leveraged in biotech and pharma along the R&D process, overall impact so far, thinking around AI and ML among leadership teams & boards, and perspectives on the competition for AI and ML talent within Life Sciences

, | October 3, 2023

Check out episode #2 of the LifeSci Search podcast.

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