Caroline Hunt Takes the Lead on UK Development

We're proud to announce the promotion of Caroline Hunt to General Manager UK, signaling our growth plans in Europe. See more!

| February 21, 2022

Caroline Hunt Takes the Lead on UK Development

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Caroline Hunt to General Manager UK, signaling our ambitions for growth in the European market and our commitment to developing our presence in Britain as a flagship location. 

After just nine months of fast-paced and high-profile success as Senior Principal in European practice, Caroline is expanding her responsibilities to grow our team and capabilities in Europe, focusing on Britain. We believe that both the clinical and financial sides of the rapidly growing UK biotech and pharmaceutical sector afford exceptional density of opportunities for rewarding partnerships and innovative development choices, allowing Caroline to leverage her expertise and insight to the best possible effect. Her experience and accomplishments speak for themselves: after 13 years working with the most reputable names in executive search the global life sciences, she joined us in April of 2021 and has already helped place key executives driving the success of some of the biggest names in the business.

 “Caroline’s success is well-deserved. Not only is she an excellent commercial leader, but she has also shown herself to be an outstanding guardian of the interests of her clients and a motivating force for good within the heart of the LifeSci Search Team,” said Paul Cashman, COO of LifeSci Search.

In addition to her role as General Manager UK, Caroline will also take over as Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for LifeSci Search EU, spearheading our ongoing efforts both to remain leaders in the sector’s all-to-slow progress toward equity and creating new programs and initiatives for all of LifeSci’s teams. 

Britain Resurgent

Caroline is already a tremendous asset to the company, and this promotion properly positions her to help shape the future of our European strategy. Her work to develop our team’s capabilities in the UK is a natural extension of LifeSci Search’s rapid growth in the United States, where just the past year saw a 140% increase in placements YoY, 265% increase in revenue and over 40% repeat clients. The EU is underdeveloped compared to the US’s life science superclusters in Boston and the California Bay Area.

We are looking forward to leading the way on a new wave of investment and next-generation therapeutics, devices, and pharmaceuticals. Our most immediate focus is on the UK as Europe’s most active site for biotechnology innovation and investment, with an industry—and economy—that is still repositioning after Brexit.  

At the 39th Annual JP Morgan healthcare conference in 2021, leaders of the British pharma and biotech industries shared an ambitious vision of the next decade, pointing to cancer, dementia, and obesity as areas of focus and touting a surge in national funding for both public and private R&D and clinical development.  

They have good cause for optimism. A major 2020 report from the UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) and Clarivate PLC found that the UK’s biotech sector had grown 1,000% since 2012, with more than £1 billion in equity financing between June and August that year alone. Immediately afterward, fueled by substantial and ongoing government support, investment in the industry grew by more than 60% YoY in 2021.

This is a market sector in need of exceptional leadership and bold, clever strategic partnerships. We believe that Caroline Hunt is uniquely qualified to guide our clients in making just those kinds of decisions and appointing executives and Board members capable of building on the successes of the past two years. In addition to her ongoing work placing Board and C Suite executives globally, she will do an exceptional job spearheading our new UK focus.  

We welcome our clients, partners, and other interested parties to reach out to Caroline with queries or congratulatory words!

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